How to Play Ludo?


Ludo is a family-friendly, online board & dice game that will revive your childhood memories. Ludo is generally played between 2 players or 4 players, even more, can participate, it depends on the players. Origin of Ludo dates back to ancient India where it was fondly called Parchisi, it was a favourite time pass for King’s and royal families.


Playing a Ludo game is very easy to understand. Ludo major goal is to try and get all your pawns inside your home base, you can easily find home base it in the middle part of the game.


1. Place Your Dice’s

There are basically four equal sized squared colour pockets in all four corners, e.g. Red, yellow, Green, Blue. Between those pockets’ pawns are placed. Every colour pocket has a place to accommodate 4 pawns.


2. Rules to Play Ludo Online Game

Ludo dashboard is like a perfect cross, it has four arms, and each arm has three rows.

The main aim is to take a lap around through entire outer rows and come back to your pocket and then enter the middle row (same colour as your pocket) to enter the house and release your pawn.

3. Who plays first?

You can decide this by rolling the dice, and anyone who gets the highest number gets to roll the dice first. The game will start with that particular player.

4. How to bring the pawns out of the pocket?

Player who rolls the dice and gets 6 number will be allowed to take the pawn out of the pocket in Ludo Game. If you do not get 6 number than you must keep rolling the dice until you get 6 number to place your pawn outside your pocket. Like this bring all your four pawns out on the board.

5. How to move the pawn on the board?

 If you roll and get 6 number on dice, then you must roll the dice again. If suppose you get 3 number on dice than your pawn will move 3 number on board. Keep on rolling the dice until you take the entire lap and come back to your pocket to enter your house base.


6. Take turns

Once you roll the dice and move your pawn, then hand over the dice to next player, so that game can keep moving.


7. Move your pawns

Always move clockwise and keep moving your pawns, each player should roll the dice and take turns and keep moving the pawns until all the pawns reach their particular house base.


8. Capturing opponents’ pawn.

The main aim of every player in Ludo board game is to prevent other players from reaching their respective house base, for that player must capture other players pawn by landing on the same place where opponent player pawn in lying. For example, if you roll your dice and get 5 number and while moving your pawn to fifth place you see opponents’ pawn on that place that you can capture opponents’ pawn by replacing your pawn on that place.

Like this opponents’ pawn will go back to his respective pocket, and he will have to roll 6 number again to bring that pawn back on board.


9. How to win the Ludo game?

You must reach your home space with all your four pawns, getting one or three pawns in your home base will not be enough to win the game. You must continuously roll on your turn and try to get all your pawn in your home base one by one. The first player who gets all his four pawns in the home base first will win the game.